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Supula Viswa Mohan Reddy – Chairman & Managing Director

SVE which has a renowned name in manufacturing DTH bits & hammers is founded by Mr. S V Mohan Reddy, who has got a rich vision to cater quality products at cost-effective prices in water well, mining and construction segments of DTH drilling.

Looking at a bigger picture ahead, he has started slowly with DTH bits and expanded the product range to different sizes and different product lines.

Being from a normal remote village in southern part of India, he possesses a vast and rich experience in various organizations in crucial departments like heat treatment, design & development, sales and possess a wide range of expertise and versatility, altogether, starting from a lower level employee to a managerial cadre and then started an organization, leading about 200 employees.

Management philosophy is concentrating on our core strengths like heat treatment, product development, and marketing strategies and analyzing our core values and has an ever-lasting relationship with all our associates and executives. "Think Global Act Local", as a guiding principle, has governed the Group's business philosophy, approach, and strategies